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Bauma China 2016

Chinese controller and HMI manufacturer

Shanghai Smart Control exhibited in Shanghai its range of CAN-connectable devices. The products are suitable for construction machines and other heavy-duty vehicles.

The I/O device features CANopen connectivity providing up to 16 analog inputs, for example (Photo: Shanghai Smart Control)

The Chinese CiA member was established in 2005. In the meantime, the company has developed a range of electronic units with CAN interfaces supporting CANopen or J1939 protocols and profiles. The product range covers host controllers (eCore) running Codesys, I/O modules (eMod), displays (eTouch and eMini), and sensors such as inclinometer (eTilt) and encoder (eCoder). The company located in Shanghai also offers keypads (ePad) and LED lights (eLight). Additionally, power management units (ePower) are supplied. The company also sells the linear encoder from MTS.

Typical excavator control system using CAN-connectable by the Chinese supplier with some added sensors from MTS (Photo: Shanghai Smart Control)

The company with some background in distributing German CANopen products provides also application-programming services. The products are used in different markets including construction machines, special trucks such as refuse collecting and firefighting vehicles, agriculture machines, etc.

The eMod unit available with CANopen or J1939 interface and comes in an IP67-rated housing. It features depending on customer requirements digital and analog I/O channels. The modular device uses an embedded 40-MHz micro-controller. It is designed for price-sensitive applications.