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Closed-loop stepper motor control with CAN

MEV presents a fourth-generation Trinamic stepper motor control: The TMCM-3314 has closed-loop functionality and S-shaped acceleration ramps. It can be connected to the host computer via CAN.

The modules measure 275 mm x 100 mm (Photo: MEV Elektronik)

TMCM-33xx is a family of three-axes closed-loop stepper motor controller/driver modules for two-phase bipolar stepper motors. It is integrated, offers convenient handling, and can be used in many decentralized applications.

The TMCM-3314 supports up to three bipolar stepper motors with up to 6,4 A RMS coil current and supply voltages up to +48 VDC nominal. There are separate motor and reference/end switch connectors as well as incremental encoder (a/b/n) connectors for each motor. Communication can take place via CAN, EIA-485, or USB interfaces. The module offers four general-purpose inputs (analog or digital) and four general-purpose outputs for various application possibilities. The TMCL firmware allows for both standalone operation and direct mode. TMCM-3314 is available with the industry standard CANopen protocol.

With the most recent stepper control technologies like Cool Step, DC Step, Stall Guard2, and Stealth Chop, the TMCM-33xx-family is the leading edge of closed-loop stepper motor controllers according to the company. The Trinamic controllers and drivers are available from MEV.


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