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Raspberry Pi module runs Codesys

Janz Tec (Germany) presents the emPC-A/RPI3 with a Raspberry Pi 3 module. A CAN interface, various CAN tools, as well as a CANopen protocol stack are offered.

The product measures 99,8 mm x 30 mm x 96,7 mm (Photo: Janz Tec)

Despite many misgivings, the Raspberry Pi has shown that it is capable of meeting industrial demands. Even if it may not be suitable for the most critical automation tasks, there are numerous application fields in peripheral areas of the Automation sector, where Janz Tec‘s emPC A/RPI2 systems is suitable. Thus, Janz Tec now presents the emPC-A/RPI3 with a Raspberry Pi 3 module. The emPC-A/RPI3 system is based on the original design and is an enhanced version of the tried-and-tested emPC-A/RPI2. Like the previous model, the new version also offers various CAN tools, a CANopen protocol stack, and Codesys.

Instead of a Raspberry Pi 2 module, this embedded system now uses the current module, Raspberry Pi 3. The system almost looks the same as the previous model, but the new CPU module means that, on the inside, it has quite a few interesting new features, especially for automation scenarios. The product comes with a CAN interface. It does not only deliver enhanced performance, it also has two interfaces for mobile communication, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi, that can be used to create ad hoc networks for mobile machines. The operating system is still Raspbian Jessie Light.