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Mid-range PLC

Controls up to eight CANopen drives

Delta has launched the AS300 series of PLCs featuring CANopen and Ethernet/IP connectivity. It adopts a non-backplane design and DIN-rail clips for vertical module installation.

The PLC supports up to 32 extension modules with a total of 1024 I/O lines (Photo: Delta)

The PLC (programmable logic controller) by the Taiwanese manufacturer provides up to 1024 inputs/outputs. It is based on a proprietary 32-bit SoC (System-on-Chip). The product is suitable for embedded machine control, for example for food packing, labeling, assembling, and textile production. Therefore, it features a CANopen interface to connect up to eight ASDA-A2 series motion controllers.

For the drives configuration, the supplier offers a high-level interface hiding the CANopen details. The user just initializes (INITC), sets the relative/absolute position (DRVIC/DRVAC) or the constant speed (PLSVC), the acceleration/deceleration parameters (CASD), and the homing mode (ZNRC). The necessary SDO communication with the drives is done by means of the provided configuration software. This axis control by instructions simplifies maintenance and makes the PLC program easy to read, claims the provider.

The CANopen interface supports up to eight motion controllers (Photo: Delta)

According to Delta, the non-backplane design is patent protected. The product enables screw-less installation. The user just has to press the clip rings and push the module to the desired position. Disassembling is also easy: Users release the clip ring and remove the module from the front without moving adjacent modules.

The AS300 series supports several programming methods (structured text, ladder logic, function blocks, etc.). The supplier provides the ISPSoft editing software with built-in function blocks for different applications.


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