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Raspberry Pi 3

For industrial applications

The aluminum housing of the Raspberry Pi 3 RPi-07 by Mass (Germany) contains a 7-inch multi-touch LCD (wide screen) with a resolution of 800 pixel x 400 pixel.

The product measures 200 mm x 118 mm x 48 mm and weighs 1,5 kg (Photo: Mass)

The CPU board includes the latest Raspberry-Pi version 3B with the ARM Cortex A53 processor running at a clock frequency of 4 x 1,2 GHz. As extension, the product offers CAN, GPIO, I2P, and EIA-232 interfaces. Standard interfaces include four USB ports and one 100-Mbit/s Ethernet link. The system needs an input voltage of 12 VDC or 24 VDC. There are also external power supplies available for different voltages.

The product is equipped with a Vesa-75 fastening to add a pivot arm or foot; alternatively there is a holding clamp disposable for mounting in front panels. The regular color of the rear housing is RAL9005 (black) and the front frame is natural aluminum; both being changeable upon customers demand.

The computer runs the Rasbian operating system or Microsoft Windows IoT core. It is intended for industrial applications. As mass storage the all-in-one PC provides a 16-GiB MicroSD.


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