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Modular controller

Dedicated for harsh environments

The WCU 650 logic module by Weidmueller is designed to monitor and control processes such as wind power systems. It is graphically programmable.

The WCU 650 supports CAN bit-rates of 100, 125, 250 and 500 kbit/s (Photo: Weidmueller)

The encapsulated module is optimized in dimensions, performance, robustness, and user-friendless said the German manufacturer. The housing makes the electronics insensitive to humidity. The range of application lies between -40 °C and +70 °C. The module withstands vibrations up to 5 g and shocks up to 10 g.

The WCU 650 provides four digital inputs and eight digital outputs. Additionally, it features six 12-bit analog inputs and one PWM output. The PWM output can also be used as digital output. The module features a CAN interface supporting 11-bit and 29-bit identifier. It does not support higher-layer protocols such as CANopen.

The graphic and intuitive Micon-L programming environment enables flexible switching of the analog and digital inputs, plus the digital outputs, too. The provided software includes pre-defined function blocks – from basic arithmetic operations to timers. To download application software, the WCU 650 provides a USB interface.

“We combine consultation, application competence and industry expertise,” said the German company,” and we offer comprehensive solutions for wind energy applications from a single source.” The supplier offers also a WCU 650 starter kit.


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