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Embedded World 2017

PC platform for automotive applications

At the exhibition, B-Plus launches its Datalynx mITX computer. Its three PCIe extension slots can be equipment with CAN, CAN FD, and other interfaces.

The product measures 333,4 mm x 278 mm x 97 mm (Photo: B-Plus)

The Datalynx mITX2 is based on a Q170 mITX motherboard for Intel Socket 1151 desktop processors of the 6th and 7th generation Intel Core family. It is a computer for computer-intensive applications and logging in automotive environments at operating temperatures of -10 °C to + 50 °C. The PC-based computer offers a range of interfaces with PCIe extensions for CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet, Flexray, and LIN. The parallel use of up to three PCIe extensions allows an application scenario for the industry and the automotive industry. The system can also be equipped with two CAN interfaces via an internal mPCIe slot. The optional Ethernet time sync extension allows several systems to be set in temporal correlation based on IEEE 802.1AS.

By combining a 160-W to 320-W automotive power supply with 6-V to 36-V input voltage, the computer enables computing for the use directly on the vehicle board network. The power supply supplies the main system as well as PCIe extensions up to a total of 75 W and ensures a trouble-free operation. The equipment with a 320-W supply will be installed for high-power extensions such as PoE network cards or graphics cards up to Nvidia Geforce GTX1060.

The CPUs used in the product are suitable for the development of algorithms. These include processors ranging from 35 W Dual Core Celeron to 65 W i7 Quadcore, up to 2 x 16 GiB RAM and up to three Sata SSDs. In addition, highly parallel computing on graphics processors is possible for real-time image processing and analysis by using Nvidia mITX graphics cards from GTX1050 to GTX1060. Cooling as well as additional adapters to the wall months or 19-inch mounting frames are also provided.

The company launches the product at the Embedded World 2017 on March 14th in hall 1, booth 438.


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