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Embedded World 2017

Fanless in-vehicle PC with CAN

The Nuvo-5100VTC by Neousys (Taiwan) is a host controller compliant with EN 50155 for in-vehicle and train usage. It comes with a CAN interface.

The product measures 240 mm x 225 mm x 79 mm (Photo: Neousys)

Featuring Intel 6th-Gen Core CPU, the product comes with CPU and GPU performance for various in-vehicle applications. It offers four PoE+ ports to supply 25-W power to the connected device. They are implemented using M12, x-coded connectors, which withstand extreme environments. Nuvo-5100VTC integrates a CAN interface for the in-vehicle communication and isolated DIO for sensor/actuator control. The product supports 11-bit CAN identifiers (base frame format) as well as the 29-bit CAN identifiers (extended frame format). Ethernet ports are available, too. Users can also utilize four internal mini-PCIe sockets with corresponding modules for 3G/4G/Wi-Fi communication. The product has patented thermal design, and it can distribute the hot components to average the thermal condition for each area. Its temperature range is from -25 ℃ to +70 ℃.

The company is part of the Embedded World 2017.