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Global Supplier Award

Adding more CAN products to portfolio

RS Components has extended its range of credit-card sized PLCs from Barth with the additional models and starter kits. The products provide CAN interfaces.

The STG-550 controller (Photo: RS Components)

Barth is known in the industrial arena for its mini-PLCs, which can be battery powered, allowing engineers to control applications such as stand-alone machines or mobile applications. In addition, the PLCs can be directly integrated into machines, bringing the advantage of reduced wiring. In recognition of its performance to engineers wanting right-sized control solutions, RS recently granted a Global Supplier Award for Innovation to Barth, paying particular attention to the STG series of mini-PLCs.

The Barth STG-550 CAN is a programmable logic controller providing graphical programming capability. Due to its CAN connectivity users can connect a variety of network components to the Mini-PLC, including displays, stepper motors, or CAN sensors. The controller does not need any peripheral components to operate and the unit’s I/O features rugged protection circuits for operation in harsh environments.

Barth even received an award from RS Components (Photo: RS Components)

The STG-570 CAN is similar in many respects to the STG-550 CAN, but offers a smaller footprint with the same CAN interface. Like the larger unit, it is also available in a customer-tailored OEM version. Applications for both versions include industrial automation, building automation, automotive and maritime technology, environmental technology and light and show technology. The STG-700 Step is very similar to the STG-570 CAN but offers an output that can directly drive a stepper motor.

The STG-650 offers the same 10-mm high casing as the STG-570, but expands on the 550 and 570 units in terms of I/O, offering a CAN 11-bit and 29-bit interface, six analog inputs (0 VDC to 30 VDC, 12 bit ADC), four digital inputs (up to 1 kHz), eight power outputs (up to 1,5 A), and one power PWM output. Four starter kits are also available from RS. The STA-500 kit includes an STG-500 PLC, an EIA-232 communication cable, and mini-PLC I/O modules. The STA-550 CAN starter kit contains an STG-550 PLC, mini-PLC I/O modules, and a three-port USB communication cable. The STA-600 starter kit comprises an STG-600 PLC, mini-PLC I/O modules, a USB interface cable, and a 9 V battery and supply cable. Finally, the STA-650 CAN includes an STG-650 CAN PLC and a USB communication cable. The Barth range of PLCs fits in various industrial requirements. Often users have to specify over-engineered [read: more expensive] logic controllers and then only use a fraction of their capabilities.