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Hannover Messe 2017

PLC with I/O modules and with touch panel

Eaton presented its XC300 modular PLC, which can be combined with the company’s XN300 I/O system and XV300 touch panel. Optionally, the products provide CANopen connectivity.

The XC300 features cycle-times of less than 1 ms
(Photo: Eaton)

The programmable logic controller is programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages. It provides a Codesys 3.0 software by 3S and runs a Linux operating system. One of the supported communication options is CANopen. The product is designed for modular machines and can be connected to the XN300 I/O system and XV300 touch panel. Additionally, it features three different Ethernet network addresses. For example, individual networks can be set up for mobile, M2M, and Scada communication. In this way, the security and performance aspects can be optimally matched to the network, said the provider. The PLC also provides its own supply feeder over four I/O channels.

Integrated web servers support Codesys visualization and device administration, with HTML5 capability for display on smartphones and tablet devices. Established programs and libraries are supported for all XN300 and XV300 devices. They can be copied onto other devices for serial production using a micro SD card or a USB stick. Eaton applies current communications and security standards to protect equipment and systems against unauthorized access. The XC300 supports both cryptographic authentication mechanisms (TLS/IPSec) and certificate-based authorization.

The XC300 host controller combined with the XN300 remote I/O devices allows space-saving solutions (Photo: Eaton)

With the XN300 I/O system, the XC300 controller clips securely onto the DIN rail. One XC300 can control up to 32 XN300 expansion modules. The installation concept and the plug-in connection levels make installation in the tightest areas simple and pre-assembly of stations possible. With its XC300, XN300, and XV300 product lines, the supplier offers equipment and plant engineers the opportunity to design consistent and future-proof automation architectures that support Industry 4.0 concepts and add value for their customers. The XV300 panel handles HMI (human machine interface) visualization, with its multi-touch display. The Galileo and XN300 Assist visualization software tool, along with the Codesys programming environment, allow implementation of projects, stated Eaton.

The IP67-rated modules can be connected to the XN300 remote I/O system by means of a Smartwire-DT gateway (Photo: Eaton)

Sub-layered IP67-modules

Since many years, Eaton offers its proprietary Smartwire-DT sub-network. The XN300 modular I/O system provides gateways to sub-network. At the Hannover Messe 2017, the supplier presented additional IP67-rated I/O modules with Smartwire-DT interfaces. The portfolio of devices, which can be connected to the sub-network, ranges inside the control cabinet from command and signal devices, contactors and motor protection switches, modules for fuse monitoring, soft starters, speed starters, frequency converters and fuse switch disconnectors to circuit breakers. Outside the control cabinet, IP67 I/O modules (T-connectors) are available for the connection of individual digital and analog process signals. With the aid of this sub-network, users can link up to 99 devices, from simple sensors through to complex circuit breakers, distributed over 600 m to the gateway.


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