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Starter kit

Comes with three CAN units

The SSK 002 starter kit by Sigmatek (Austria) consists of three CAN-based automation units.

The starter kit SSK 002 (Photo: Sigmatek)

The starter kit SSK 002 enables an introduction to the modular control world of Sigmatek. It consists of three automation units: standard and safety control, HMI, and motion. The base unit TSY 021 includes, in addition to a function-oriented CPU with digital and analog modules, a mini-safety solution consisting of a safety controller and digital safety mix module. The base unit provides a CAN interface. Data is exchanged via the Ethernet system Varan, OPC UA connectivity is integrated.

The control unit is expanded with a human-machine interface which comes with two CAN interfaces (TSY 031): The panel ETT 732 enables operation. In addition to a 7-inch wide screen with projected capacitive dual-touch and Edge2 technology processor, interfaces such as CAN, USB, and EIA-232 are on board. Axis applications can be simulated with the motion unit. The TSY 041 is equipped with two axis modules (DC 062) for controlling servo motors, a Varan bus connection, and a digital mix module.

The application is created with the included all-in-one software Lasal. An object-oriented engineering tool is also provided. Machine functions are displayed via software objects and assembled in a toolkit system.


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