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Carrier board

For medical, industrial, and automotive applications

Bluechips (Thailand) has introduced the X’Posure V4 carrier board for CPU modules with Smarc-Standard version 1.0 and version 1.1. The board comes with CAN interfaces.

The product measures 225 mm x 140 mm (Photo: Bluechips)

Smarc (Smart Mobility Architecture) allows the use of various processor modules equipped with the Sitara ARM 9 by Texas Instruments or the iMX9 by NXP or an Intel processor. The board provides two CAN interfaces. Additionally, it features analog and digital I/O ports, one USB 3.0, and up to nine USB 2.0 channels. Further interfaces include one Gigabit-LAN, four IO-Link, one I2C, one SPI, as well as one EIA-232/485/422 port. The product provides also PCle and Sata connectivity.

Depending on the application, the device can be supplied in different housing and display versions. Bluechips, certified according to ISO 13485, offers complete systems with various housings, displays, and touch panels according to customer specifications including complete risk analysis according to ISO 14971. For use as a PC in an industrial environment, a scratch-resistant and impact-proof housing is available, with the touch-screen remaining operational if the user is wearing gloves. For the medical industry, the housing is adapted so that it can be easily cleaned and disinfected as well as ensuring immunity to electrical fields and electromagnetic compatibility.

Additionally, the company is capable of making mechanical adjustments to the modular structure of the monitor to suit the individual needs of the customer. the CPU module X'Posure V4 Tiny supplements the carrier board. It is based on the Smarc standard and supports all interfaces available on the carrier board (with the exception of USB 3.0). The module is based on the iMX6 family and supports CPUs with single-, dual-, or quad-core and RAM memory up to 8 GiB.


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