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CANopen host controller

DIN-rail mountable unit runs Linux

The µMIC.200 by Microcontrol is an ARM-based controller featuring CANopen master connectivity. It provides two CAN ports.

The controller comes with 512 KiB RAM and 4 GiB flash memory (Photo: Microcontrol)

The CANopen controller is s equipped with a 1-GHz micro-controller. Besides the on-board memory, the device features a MicroSD slot for memory extensions. The maximum power consumption of the module is 4 W. The ruggedized device operates in the range of -40 °C to + 85 °C. It is also intended for our-door applications including wind power systems and mobile machinery.

The controller requires 62 mm on the DIN-rail. The CAN ports, the eigth digital I/O lines, the EIA-232 interface are connected via Combicon terminals. Further interfaces include two Ethernet and a USB ports. The Linux real-time operating system facilitates flexible development of software with the tool-chain being integrated in the control system. All I/O modules equipped with CANopen interface may be connected to the device via the integrated CANopen Master API.

The company offers also a starter-kit comprises the controller and an I/O module. The kit comes with development environment for C/C++ and IEC 61131-3 programming languages. Additionally, there are free-of-charge workshops scheduled (next October 10), in which the participants learn to program the CANopen controller.


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