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Cut development time by half

Unitronics has launched the 10,4-inch version of its PLC with integrated HMI. It comes with CANopen and CAN layer-2 interface options.

The Unistream controller is available with different displays (Photo: Unitronics)

The Unistream PLC (programmable logic controller) series features a built-in webserver. The modular products can be equipped with different displays. The user selects for example the 10,4- inch or the 7-inch HMi (human machine interface, snaps-on the CPU module and the required number of I/O modules. In total, the PLC can manage up to 2048 I/O channels. The program memory has a capacity of 2 MiB. Via the optional CANopen interface drives and motion controllers as well as remote I/O modules can be added. The host controller features also Ethernet, USB, and EIA-232/485 ports.

According to the supplier, the Unilogic all-in-one programming environment saves up to 50 percent of the development time. It includes also an HMI editor. The provided Uniapps software allows to access and edit data, to monitor, trouble-shoot, and debug the application program. A multi-level password protection is supported. Built-in trends and gauges, auto-tuned PIDs, data tables, data sampling, and recipes are further software functions.

The PLC controls a boiler processing steam for the meat production in a Serbian food company (Photo: Unitronics)

A typical application is the control of steam, which is important for example in meat processing. The Serbian company Djurdjevic uses the PLC from Unitronics to control the biomass boiler. The PLC with integrated HMI controls and monitors the production of steam, managing the boiler heat and maintaining its run-time. It uses the CAN interface to communicate with remote I/O, including thermocouplers. Dorde Kuzminac from Djurdjevic said about the PLC: “For me, most important is that I forgot that it is there – and it does its job, a very important job, controlling steam production for our factory.” The system operates effortlessly without requiring human intervention – even under harsh environment conditions.


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