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Single-board computer

With two CAN interfaces

Published 2017-08-30

E.E.P.D. (Germany) has launched the Profive Nuca board featuring the i.MX6 micro-controller. It is intended for rugged industrial control and medical electronics.

The SBC is available in two versions; one provides 256 MiB and the other 2 GiB (Photo: E.E.P.D.)

The product with no rotating parts is suitable also for automotive solutions, when the power supply complies with the related specifications. Besides the CAN connectivity, the ARM-based host controller provides up to seven USB ports, up to two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, two serial links, and connectors for HDMI and LVDS. The 800-MHz processor runs a Linux operating system. The memory can be extended by means of SD cards; two sockets are available. The product measures 10 cm by 10 cm.

The company established in 1988 develops and produces single-board computers in Germany. Headquartered close to Munich, it has its own SMT production line. The company has also two sisters, EM-Trust and Imperio Systems.

Most of the other members of the Profive family also feature CAN connectivity. For example, the G95 board, which is based on an Intel processor running Windows or Linux operating systems, comes with two CAN ports.