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CANopen host controller

With a range of programming languages

SYS TEC is about to launch the Sysworxx CTR-700 controller. The product supports IEC 61131-3 and IoT languages; it can act as a gateway between factory floor and IT world.

The shown controller supports CANopen as well as Ethernet (Photo: SYS TEC)

In the future, industrial communication have to serve functionalities such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. This ensures process optimization through data acquisition and afterwards cost reduction through process optimization. The Sysworxx CTR-700 controller has been developed among others for these applications. It provides more control functions as the predecessor CTR-100. In addition to the two CAN interfaces, the control unit features TCP/IP, MQTT, and Modbus connectivity. This ensures the connection to the IT world of an enterprise and shop floor control applications. Additionally, the control unit comes with one µSD slot and multiple I/O ports. The controller can be programmed in IEC 61131-3 languagesas well as in various IoT languages (e.g. C#/.Net, Node-RED, Java, and Python). Thus it is not necessary to require an external service.


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