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Isobus controller

Certified by AEF

The b-CANCubeMini controller by B-Plus comes with an AEF-certified CAN interface, which complies with ISO 11783, also known as Isobus protocol.

The control unit provides 11 configurable I/O ports (Photo: B-Plus)

AEF is a nonprofit association providing certification services for Isobus-compatible products. The certified controller manufactured by B-Plus is dedicated for the use in cost-optimized Isobus-connectable implements. It features two CAN interfaces. One is used for the certified Isobus connection and the other can be used for CANopen or J1939. B-Plus provides the appropriate protocol stacks. With up to 11 local I/O ports, it is possible to measure sensor values such as resistance, currents, and voltages or to control outputs for switching valves digitally and PWM current-controlled with up to 4 A per output. The controller is programmable in C. The Isobus software supports also the task controller and the auxiliary control functionalities. The product comes in a robust aluminum enclosure.


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