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Single-board computer

With one or two CANopen interfaces

The Armstone A9 powered board comes with Windows Embedded Compact or Linux operating systems. F&S Embedded (Germany) manufactures it.

SYS TEC supplies the CANopen protocol stack for the single-board computer (Photo: F&S Embedded)

The CANopen software running on the single-board computer (SBC) supports one or two CAN interfaces. The protocol stack and the driver software are from SYS TEC (Germany). They feature CANopen NMT master and NMT salve functionality. The software is provided as source code compliant to CiA 301 and CiA 302 specifications. It is executable on the Armstone A9 micro-controller. The SBC can for example communicate via CANopen with touch panels and other devices. For newcomers, SYS TEC offers also a CANopen starter kit with some CANopen I/O modules. It simplifies CANopen learning by just doing it, stated the company.