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Interlift 2017

CANopen Lift controller

The WE408 controller complies with CiA 417. The product also provides DCP and EIA-232 interfaces.

The WE408 fits into a doorframe measuring 315 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm (Photo: Weber Lifttechnik)

The elevator controller from Weber Lifttechnik (Germany) is able to connect any CANopen Lift device as well as many conventional devices via other interfaces including discrete I/Os. The product recognizes automatically CANopen Lift modules and parameterizes them by means of SDO services. It is designed to communicate via CANopen with other WE408 controllers to realize an elevator group of up to eight lifts. The controller’s software supports special functions needed in hospitals. It manages the calls and controls the car.

The controller tested in several CiA plugfests meets the EN 81-1/2 and EN 81-20/50 standards and supports 127 stops. The maximum travel speed is 5 m/s. The device features two CANopen interfaces compliant to CiA 417. One is used to connect the car drive unit (inverter) and the door unit as well as the positioning sensor (absolute shaft copying). The other interface is dedicated for external calls and integration of other lift systems. The multilingual controller comes with multiple pre-programmed functions including parking rides, dynamic fire event ride, emergency evacuation, etc. The EnergyIQ option implements mechanisms to reduce power consumption.


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