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Interlift 2017

Elevator controller installed in test tower

Intec and KLST have installed the MLC-8000 controller in the test tower in Rosswein (Germany). It integrates several car drive inverters.

The test tower in Rosswein (Photo: Intec)

At Interlift 2017, Intec presented again its CANopen Lift controller already introduced in 2015. In the meantime it has been approved not just in some CiA plugfests, but also in some real applications. It was installed, for example, in the service lift of the elevator test tower in Rosswein (Germany). Additionally, it is now controlling the elevator in the test tower. The MLC-8000 was developed jointly with KLST. The CiA 417 application profile compatible device integrates the Zetadyn 4C inverter by Ziehl-Abegg and the L1000A drive by Yaskawa. In the near future, an inverter by Brunner and Fecher will be connected in addition. The user can switch to one of the three car drive units by a simple switch.

The MLC-8000 CANopen Lift controller received in Russia an award of innovative products and has been installed in a test tower in Saxony, Germany (Photo: Intec)

The MLC-8000 controller can process calls from up to 64 floors. It provides also lift group functionality for up to eight elevators. The product is suitable for rope and hydraulic lifts. It supports up to three CANopen Lift door units and can be connected to CiA 417 compliant car positioning units. The system comprises three printed-circuit boards: the HSE main board, the FVE car unit, and the UEA input/output unit. Especially, it is suitable for retrofit applications.


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