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Flight control computer

With Arinc-specific I/O ports

Published 2017-11-02

Micromax has developed the M-Max 700 PR/APR computer. It provides four CAN channels and 114 digital I/Os.

Dedicated for helicopter control, the shown computer is part of a distributed control system (Photo: Micromax)

Besides the four CAN interfaces and the digital I/O lines, the flight control computer is equipped with 48 Arinc-specific (717 and 429) interfaces. Additionally, Ethernet connectivity is provided. The product is able to resist shock (6 g) and vibration (up to 2 g) and operates at -50 °C to +70 °C. It comes in an IP65-rated sealed case and complies with MIL-STD-810G. The computer measures 181 mm (width) x 150 mm (height) x 400 mm (length). It weighs 5,9 kg.

The computer is based on Intel’s L2400 dual-core processor and features a 32-GiB solid-state drive. It has no moving parts and utilizes a passive cooling system.