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Agritechnica 2017

Isobus implement device for automatic control

The Tank-Control III by Mueller Elektronik is an Isobus system for automatic control of filling, stirring, and rinsing processes with crop sprayers. It is now Isobus-compatible.

The Tank-Control III enables the automation of processes and therefore the electrical regulation of all valves and pumps (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

The product can be used both as a standalone device and in combination with the crop protection job computer application from Mueller Elektronik (Germany). In contrast to its predecessor, the product consists of two components: The Isobus job computer and the operating device to control processes on the filling sluice outside on the implement. The advantage of the updated system is the automation of processes and therefore the electrical regulation of all valves and pumps.

The job computer is Isobus-compatible. It comes with its own operating screen, and can be used with any Isobus terminal in the tractor cab. In addition, Tank-Control III is integrated in the Mueller Elektronik sprayer controller. The display complies with protection class IP6k9k and is suitable for use outside on the implement. Implements are add-on devices such sprayers or vehicles with specific agriculture functions such as harvesting.

The product is available as a Mueller Elektronik version, but it can also be adapted to specific manufacturers. The Mueller version offers the most important standard functions to control filling and stirring processes, explained the company. Two fill level sensors can be used to measure the contents of up to two tanks. Via the CANbaus Isobus, all information, both from the implement and from the Tank-Control III system, is available anywhere on the implement. This allows not only reading of the tank content at the filling point, but also e.g. the calculation of the fill amount required to process the remaining field area.

OEM-specific solutions can be developed based on this standard version, such as individualization of the casing stickers and user interface as well as functional extensions such as rinsing and cleaning. The product is shown at the Agritechnica 2017 fair.


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