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Agritechnica 2017

Powered by 100-MHz micro-controllers

Epec (Finland) has released the 3720 and 3610 control units featuring multiple CAN ports. The products support CANopen and are for outdoor applications.

Kari Ahvenlampi: “The 3270 is optimized for hydraulic actuator control and comes with high amount of PWM outputs and feedback pins.” (Photo: Epec)

The Epec 3720 can control ten proportional valve pairs. The I/O interface is compatible with the predecessor, the Epec 2020. The control unit comes in the same ruggedized aluminum housing and connectors. However, the 3720 unit comes in a new look and without product codes. It features a 1-MiB RAM for application parameters and an 8-KiB FRAM for configuration parameters. There are versions with and without internal CAN termination available.

The 3270 controller provides PWM outputs and feedback pins (Photo: Epec)

Already in summer, the Finish company has launched the 3610 controller, which is I/O compatible with the predecessor 2038. Besides two CAN interface, it also features an EIA-232 port. The product provides a high-side current measurement and an internal 3-axis accelerometer for leveling purposes, for example. The control unit features optionally a Pt1000 measurement.

The 3610 controller comes with an additional EIA-232 interface (Photo: Epec)

Both control devices implement Codesys 2.3 and are programmable in IEC 6113-3 languages. The firmware supports pulse inputs. Another add-on feature is the possibility to remove customer applications using the product’s BSL pin. The operating range is -40 °C to +85 °C. At the Agritechnica 2017 tradeshow in Hanover (Germany), these controllers are exhibited.


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