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Agritechnica 2017

Isobus solution for slurry tankers

At the Agritechnica 2017 exhibition, Mueller Elektronik (ME) showcases the Isobus Slurry-Controller, its control and regulation system for slurry tankers.

Slurry-Controller application – Overview of work screens (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

Like most ME products, this solution was developed according to the ISO 11783 standard and has successfully received the ISO-UT, TC-BAS, TC-SC, and AUX-N certifications. With work screens, the product application clearly presents important information relating to the implement functions. As a result, the operator has access to the filling and spreading data, but also to the chassis features like the active suspension and the steering axle control.

This controller can be used both on simple implements that only require a few inputs/outputs and on complex implements with high-end functionalities. Up to eight ECUs can be linked to fulfill the manufacturer’s needs. In addition, the latest developments to the Slurry-Controller now allow automatic or manual control of up to 18 sections and four dividers which can be mounted on boom models like the Comfort Flow Control (CFC) from Vogelsang. The solution is further improved with the AUX-N certification, which enables the control of proportional implements, such as the filling arms.

NIR-Sensor system – Overview of the work screens (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

With the integration of the NIR-Sensor solution patented by m-u-t, the slurry tanker application now offers the option to calculate and automatically store at the end of the filling process the average concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and ammonium ion of the product in the tank. To achieve this, the NIR-Sensor automatically starts at the beginning of each filling sequence, whatever the machine used.

To allow its customers to configure the system according to the requirements of each implement and operator, Mueller Elektronik also offers a software tool that enables, for instance, the selection of the desired options among the features currently available in the application, the adaptation of the user interface according to the final user’s preferences or modification of the control logic of some actuators.

The company takes part in the Agritechnica 2017.


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