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In-vehicle PC

Dedicated for telematics application

The fan-less PC provided by Acrosser (Taiwan) is based on Intel’s Pentium-N4200 processor. The product provides a CAN interface supporting optionally J1939 protocols.

The AIV-APL1V1FL fan-less in-vehicle PC can be equipped with up to 8 GiB of memory (Photo: Acrosser)

The most important part of telematics is communication. Therefore, the AIV-APL1V1FL computer has built-in various communication technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G. For linking it to the in-vehicle networks, it features also a CAN interface. The CAN interface uses a 9-pin D-sub connector. Additionally, there are some general-purpose interfaces including EIA 232/485, USB, and discrete I/Os. The PC is equipped with two swappable 2,5-inch HDDs (hard disk drives).

To meet the requirements of in-vehicle usage, the Windows-PC features a wider operation temperature, anti-vibration. It is designed for rough environments. The product can be used for fleet management applications from tracking application to management application. It can be installed on trucks to adding telematics to provide advanced driver management to prevent dangers and to take proactive measures to improve fuel economy and costs. Other applications include video surveillance system for driver coaching as well as for vehicle performance tracking and safety monitoring. It is also suitable for ambulances to improve route planning, telemedicine service, and avoid unexpected danger. The PC comes in an aluminum housing. It is specified for 0 °C to +60 °C.


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