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Modular on-board control unit

Switching, monitoring, and control of power

With the BCX family, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) presented a generation of on-board control units for mobile machines. They combine the distribution of energy in the cabin with monitoring and control functions.

The BCX control unit comes with CAN connectivity (Photo: STW)

The BCX family combines the advantages of the ESX control units and power distribution in one device. Through the separation of active and passive electronics, application-specific versions can also be implemented. Because the products derive from the ESX family, they support continuous programmability and portability between central and decentralized control units. The status detection of the passive components such as relays and fuses and the option of power measurement for individual consumers permits a targeted detection of the statuses of fuses and relays, right up to the detection of defective consumers on the vehicle. Through various design possibilities for the fuses and relays, individual product requirements can be implemented.

Through the integration of the BCX extension modules into the CAN-based in-vehicle network, the electrical energy distribution can be directly implemented at the electrical consumers in the machine.

The product family as an “all-in-one” solution combines the control of the working functionality with the power distribution in one housing. Through the performance density of the BCX family, complete E/E architectures and control functionalities can be implemented in mobile machines using only one module.

The units come in standard housings (sizes M and L, open, or waterproof), a generic controller (identical to the third control unit generation) and a (passive) circuit board. In the process, the (passive) circuit board can be a standard solution or can also be adapted specifically to customer requirements. Various BCX expansion stages range from the simple power box to intelligent to programmable control solutions. Optionally, it is possible to integrate further function modules, such as remote controls or environment monitoring.


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