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Offering nine value-added modules

Axiomtek (Taiwan) has announced the Tbox500-510-FL, a modular, fanless embedded system. It features a selection of value-added modules (VAMs) including one with four isolated CAN interfaces.

The rugged Tbox500-510-FL is certified with E-Mark, ISO 7637-2, EN 50155, EN 50121, DNV 2.4, EN 45545-2, and IEC 60945 (Photo: Axiomtek)

The multi-purpose transportation box PC comes with the onboard 7th generation Intel Core or Intel Celeron processor 3965U along with onboard two DDR4-2133 SO-DIMM slots supporting up to 32 GiB system memory. It offers two optional I/O module slots and a selection of VMAs to meet different user requirements and customizations.

The all-in-one product features multiple I/O designs including one 1-Gbit/s Ethernet, four USB 3.0, one COM, one DVI-I, two audio, one power input (M12 or phoenix connector), one PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) input, four antenna openings, one remote power switch, and one reset button. To fulfill various applications in one single system, the solution-ready computer has a range of VAM options, such as: a four-port isolated CAN module, a four-port PoE module, a four-port 1-Gbit/s Ethernet module, a four-port isolated EIA-232/422/485 module, an eight isolated digital inputs and outputs module etc.

The device supports a temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C and anti-vibration of up to 3 g. The embedded box PC equipped with power management offers ACC on/off delay, shutdown delay, and over/under voltage protection. It supports a voltage input range of 9 VDC to 36 VDC for vehicle applications, 14 VDC to 32 VDC for railway and marine applications, and 16,8 VDC to 137,5 VDC for railway applications. For system integrators with extensive storage needs, the box computer offers two 2,5-inch Sata HDDs and one mSata. The added transportation embedded system is suited for transportation-related applications such as security surveillance, onboard devices controller, truck fleet management, data transfer, and onboard passenger infotainment system.

“Axiomtek’s Tbox500-510-FL is a communication-rich platform. It offers nine different kinds of VAMs for selection, making it an extremely flexible system that can be used in a wide range of applications. The user can choose the value-added module to customize the system to fit their needs. With PoE module, the customer can connect IP camera directly without installing an extra PoE switch and further save overall cost. Each port supports maximum 30 W PoE output, the total power budget is 120 W. Also, with external PoE power supply, the embedded PC can support 8-port PoE outputs while operating under extreme environments. Thanks to its size, the transportation embedded computer can be fit into the traffic control cabinet. The unit comes with three full-sized PCI Express Mini Card slots and two SIM card slots for 3G/4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections.[…]” said Jessica Tseng, a product manager of Product PM Division at Axiomtek.

The embedded computer for transportation is going to be available at the end of December 2017.


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