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Embedded World 2018

SOM with < 1 W power consumption

The CAN-capable DHCOM i.MX6UL(L) SOM is a 15-year longterm available device, following the SODIMM-200 Standard. The inner core has been realized with a 29 mm x 29 mm x 3,2 mm-sized DHCOR i.MX6UL(L) module.

On the DHCOM i.MX6UL(L) two CAN interfaces are available (Photo: DH Electronics)

The SOM (System-on-Module) by DH Electronics (Germany) provides a power consumption of the single Cortex-A7 based NXP i.MX6 Ultralite processor of typically less than one Watt. The CPU can be run with a clock frequency of up to 900 MHz. Up to 1 GiB of soldered DDR3 Memory can be populated onboard. Other features are the two CAN interfaces, support of eMMC or SLC NAND Flash Memory, and dual Ethernet. On top of embedded features like temperature compensated Real-Time-Clock (RTC), two SPIs, UART, and I2C-interfaces, the SOM comes with separate USB 2.0 OTG and host ports, two analog ports, PWM, nine GPIOs and an 8-bit parallel camera-interface.

Its display interface has been implemented as an 18-bit RGB port with an HD resolution of 1366 pixels x 768 pixels and it’s complemented by a 4-wire touch interface. The integrated Murata HF modules supporting Bluetooth and/or WLAN plus an U.FL antenna connector directly on the module are an extra plus in this device class.

With its power consumption the SOM is great for long-time battery operation and its integrated wireless interfaces make it a suitable IoT interface or end device. It comes with an operating temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C and a power supply of 3,3 VDC respectively 5 VDC (0,6 W to 1,2 W).

This CAN-product and others were spotted at the Embedded World 2018 in hall 2, booth 100.


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