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Safety ECU

Compliant with ISO 26262

Published 2018-03-13

Sontheim Industrie Elektronik (Germany) has developed the eSys-SVCx series with up to four CAN interfaces. Additionally, the safety ECU provides an optional LIN port.

Bruno Sontheim (right) presented the safety ECU to Gerd Müller (left), Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, and to Ilse Aigner (center), Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technologies (Photo: Sontheim)

The ECU family consists of four products with different configuration levels. The products comply with ASIL-C as specified ISO 26262, the international standard for automotive functional safety. Furthermore, a robust aluminum housing suited for harsh environments protects the IP68-rated device. Optionally, an IP6K9K housing is available. The product provides Autosar-compatible software architecture. It is based on a 32-bit dual-core processor and features a 128-KiB internal RAM, a 1-MiB flash memory as well as a 32-KiB external EEPROM. The MCU is clocked with 160 MHz.

Besides the CAN and LIN interfaces, the ECU comes with up to 89 analog and digital I/O channels. This includes functional safe PWM outputs. Weber-Hydraulics uses the product for electro-hydraulic applications. The product is intended for mobile machines including agriculture and construction vehicles. Optionally, the ECU comes with a 3D accelerator. Sensor voltage output is available at the device’s 154-pin connector.