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Plug-in motor controller

Connected to a host controller via CANopen

Nanotec introduced a control unit specifically for integration into devices. The NP5 plug-in motor controller is suitable for brushless DC motors as well as for stepper motors.

For evaluation, single-axis motherboards are available for various fieldbuses (Photo: Nanotec)

A PCI Express connector allows for integration into a customer-specific board – thus offering a solution that reduces the wiring effort, particularly for multi-axis applications, said the company.

For parameterization and programming Nanotec offers the free Plug & Drive Studio software. The product can be connected to a higher-level controller via CANopen and other bus systems.

The controller can control motors with a rated current of up to 6 A via fiber optic cable (FOC), Hall sensors, or sensor-less control. In addition to position, speed, and torque control, operating modes with cyclical set value specification are also available for interpolated multi-axis operation.

In addition, the controller can be programmed in the NanoJ V2 programming language so that time-critical subtasks can be executed directly in the controller, independently of the fieldbus communication. The CANopen version is equipped with six digital inputs and four digital outputs, two A/D converters, two encoder inputs, and one brake output. The device conforms with the CiA 402 CANopen device profile for drives and motion controllers.


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