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CAN-based products

Controller and HMI

The STG-8xx Mini-PLC series from Barth are integrated programmable logic controllers (PLC) providing graphical programming capability. The company’s CAN Touch Display DMA-15 can be integrated as HMI in the user’s CAN network.

Barth’s Mini-PLC and Touch Display (Photo: Barth Elektronik)

With their features the Mini-PLC opens up a range of application fields with space restrictions and high integration level requirements. The company’s CAN Touch Display DMA-15, marginally bigger than a STG-810 can be directly integrated as HMI in the user’s CAN network.

A Mini-PLC or CAN Display does not need any peripheral components to operate. Both inputs and outputs features integrated and rugged protection circuits to operate the devices in harsh environments. Due to their current consumption and operation voltage from 7 VDC to 32 VDC the Mini-PLC´s and Displays are suitable for 12 V and 24 V battery-powered systems.

All devices feature a 32-bit ARM Cortex Open Source Concept and support the CAN 11-bit identifier base frame format as well as the 29-bit identifier extended frame format, CANopen, NMEA 2000, and J1939 protocols in combination with ‚C‘ programming capability. These features open up a variety of application fields in industrial, automotive, and maritime technology. Barth also offers it´s CAN Mini-PLC´s and CAN Displays as customer-tailored OEM versions within eight weeks.


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