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IoT computer with two CAN ports

Artila Electronics (Taiwan), developer and manufacturer of Linux-ready ARM embedded industrial computers, announced the Matrix-713 industrial IoT computer. It comes with two CAN ports.

Besides CAN, isolated EIA-485 serial ports, digital I/O, and Ethernet ports are available (Photo: Artila)

Internet of Things (IoT) offers new possibilities and new services to end users, since they could learn more about other entities present in the surrounding environment. Therefore, the biggest challenges for the IoT application developer is to bring all these heterogeneous systems to a network, transform the data into a unified format for IoT communication, and management. The Matrix-713 system is a fanless Cortex-A5 industrial box computer suitable for the mobile computing, integration, and control needs in vehicles and smart factories. It provides a series of optional I/O interfaces including two CAN. They can be used to connect with various equipment and systems already existing on the field. The PC features on-board 120 Ω termination resistor for each CAN port.

The box PC supports GPS or Glonass and a 9 axis Mems micro-sensor. The browser-based flow editor offers a dashboard builder and Restful APIs, which system integrators can use to design and generate user interfaces and create various web-services and mobile applications. The product comes with an operating temperature range of -20 °C to +80 °C and offers two miniPCIe slots to achieve wireless network communication such as LTE, 4G, WiFi.


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