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Fanless CAN PC

Mobile surveillance system

Nuvo-5608VR is Neousys' latest fanless mobile surveillance system designed for real-time video analysis and streaming. It comes with a CAN interface.

Nuvo-5608VR is equipped with HDD heat-spreaders to maintain adequate HDD operating temperature and along with extra features such as DIO, CAN, and ignition control, it fits stationary and mobile surveillance applications (Photo: Neousys)

Nuvo-5608VR features two Neousys' technologies. One, a dedicated 3,5-inch HDD heat-spreader design for thermal performance that ensures HDDs function 24/7 in fanless conditions. Two is the company’s patented damping-bracket and four gaskets to achieve anti-vibration of at least 1 Grms (root mean square acceleration). It can protect the system against vibration in harsh environment and in-vehicle/mobile applications such as truck, bus, and railway.

As a fanless mobile surveillance platform, the product has wide-range DC input from 8 V to 35 V and wide operating temperature from -25 ℃ to +70 ℃. Furthermore, it provides rich functions for in-vehicle application, such as ignition power control, four full-size mini-PCIe sockets with SIM support, DIO, and built-in CAN interface.

Featuring eight IEEE 802.3at Gigabit PoE ports, Nuvo-5608VR is able to provide power and collect high-definition video streams from multiple IP cameras. Its 6th-Gen Core i7 CPU is capable of processing real-time video analysis. In addition, the device can accommodate up to two 3,5-inch hard drives configured in Raid 0 or 1 to support more than 24 TiB storage capacity to record 8-CH, 1080p @H.264 high-resolution video for over three months.