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Industrial control cabinets

Small is fashion

Festo has introduced automation devices for control cabinets that meet the challenging space requirements of the industry.

Festo’s combined control system and valve terminal fit in small cabinets (Photo: Festo)

There is an increasing trend towards smaller control cabinets, and control systems, remote I/Os and valve terminals. Festo (Germany) has combined its CPX-E modular control system and the VTUG universal valve terminal into one solution package, in order to meet those demands. The offered package consists of the modular automation system CPX-E and the universal valve terminal VTUG.

The CPX-E modular control system is an automated system for factory and process automation. It consists of individual function modules, which enable a flexible, modular design. Depending on the module combination, the system can be configured as a purely remote I/O system with CANopen connectivity or as a control system with control unit.

The CPX-E controller (left) and the VTUG valve terminal (right) are available with CANopen connectivity (Photos: Festo)

The VTUG universal valve terminal has been designed for installation in control cabinets and to save space. Due to the manifold rail variant, check valves, and fixed flow restrictors, the valve terminal is an all-rounder in control cabinets. The topic of "simple installation" is self-explanatory: the installation of the valve terminal in a control cabinet wall with the manifold rails means that tubing within the control cabinet is unnecessary. The variant with a front outlet direction has a clearly visible LED indicator and inscription label holder, enabling direct access to the manual override function. The practical hot-swap function allows individual valves to be replaced quickly during operation without the valve terminals having to be depressurized, which could result in production downtime.


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