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Image processing PC

With CANopen interface

The latest generation of image processing PC’s from Vision Control is ready. Vicosys 5400 has more than twice as much power as the previous model, the Vicosys 4400. The series features a CANopen interface.

(Photo: Vision Control)

Whether it's a blob analysis, a grey value test, a 360° pattern scan, or an angular position, the image processing PC. That's why the high-performance image processing system is suitable for complex tasks and time-critical computer operations.

A wide array of connections, for example four 4 GigE Vision camera interfaces, as well as the processing interfaces CANopen, Sercos3 (in the pipeline), Modbus, and four opto-isolated digital on/off switches can allow for versatile configuration options. Video output is via a DVI port.

The casing of 147 mm3 x 17mm3 x 230 mm3 is identical in construction on the outside to the standard version, the Vicosys 5300. Instead of an Atom E3827 Processor there is an Intel Core i3-6102 CPU running inside. It is supported by 4 GiB of DDR4 SDRAM, as well as by a 4 GiB Compact Flash card. The system can be integrated directly into a machine environment, and could make a PLC (programmable logic controller) redundant.

Vicosys 5400 works together with the most diverse image sources. Resolution of 30 megapixels and speed of 300 frames per second, up to 16 cameras from different manufacturers can be used simultaneously and in any combination. This includes for example: area scanners and push broom scanners, black-and-white and color cameras, CCD and CMOS image sensors, as well as near-infrared and thermal imaging cameras.

The image processing system's concept of operations and the range of functions are compatible with the smart cameras in the company’s Pictor family.


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