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CANopen Safety control unit updated

Epec has made an update for the SC52 safety control unit. The update includes both new hardware and firmware versions. The controller features two CAN interfaces supporting CANopen Safety.

(Photo: Epec)

The hardware change is related to the processor power-up. The existing hardware version D00 has a slight possibility that the SC52 controller does not start in every case. This issue has been fixed in the new hardware version D01. The controller start-up issue in D00 hardware is not safety critical and if this happens, the SC52 controller does not start at all. However, despite the fact that the start-up issue is quite unlikely and not safety critical, Epec recommends not to use D00 hardware in real machines. If possible, customers should consider changing the existing D00 hardware to D01.

(Photo: Epec)

The updated firmware version includes several updates that the company found in development projects after last year’s SC52 product release. The updates in FW v are not safety critical but will improve the usability of the control unit in different functional safety applications. The product changelog for the Epec S Series document lists all the main changes between and the new version The firmware is backward compatible with the D00 hardware.

Epec also releases the SDK 3.3, which can be downloaded from the company’s extranet. There are many updates in the latest SDK including support for the new SC52 version. In addition, SDK 3.3 includes a software update package handling feature, 6000 series firewall configuration, and CANopen Sync protocol update.


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