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Bauma 2019

Tiny PLC supports CANopen soon

At Bauma 2019, MRS Electronic show-casted the CC16WP programmable logic controller (PLC). CANopen software will be available, soon.

The CC16WP is available in various versions (Photo: MRS Electronic)

MRS Electronic (Germany) is specialized in CAN-connectable products for applications with space restrictions. The company established in 1999 and located in Rottweil offers a range of tiny and small modules. This includes PLCs, gateways, HMIs (human machine interfaces), and motor controllers. Some of the products are in the size of relays. They are used for example in road vehicles. A typical example is the Micro‑PLC with CAN and LIN interfaces.

At Bauma 2019 in Munich, the 200‑employees manufacturer presented the CC16WP control unit, a small PLC with some local I/O ports and two CAN interfaces as well as one LIN channel. The communication interface features sleep and wake-up capability. The company announced that it plans to implement CANopen. All CAN‑connectable devices have a boot-loader, which is permanently active. This enables the user to download software via CAN at any time. The CC16WP is specially designed for applications in construction machines, said the supplier. It is based on a 32‑bit processor. The device comes with six multi-function inputs and eight current-controlled PWM outputs.


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