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Bauma 2019

CANopen host controller and I/O modules

At Bauma 2019, Epec (Finland) launched the XS6C master controller with six CAN interfaces. The related GL84 CANopen NMT slave modules provide two CANopen interfaces.

The master/slave platform comprises the shown host controller with six CAN ports and I/O modules (Photo: Epec)

The XS6C host controller provides CANopen NMT master functionality. It features six CAN interfaces and is intended as a central unit in construction and mining machines, for example. J1939 is supported, too. Additionally, there are two 100Base‑TX ports and a USB channel. The product is equipped with a high-performance 32-bit processor. It is programmable in IEC 61131‑3 languages (Codesys) as well as C/C++. The Finish company provides PLCopen libraries, the Multitool, and the CANmoon tool to simply programming and testing. Three LEDs indicate the status of the host controller.

The GL84 I/O device has 27 ground‑pins for sensors and actuators. One CANopen NMT slave port is available at the M12 connector. The device also supports J1939. The product comes in a new housing generation. The sleek shaped casing protects the electronics against mechanical wear. The lead-proofed aluminum housing has been tested against different environmental conditions including high-pressure washing (IP69K).

The I/O device with 35 inputs and 35 outputs is equipped with a 3‑color LED for diagnostics purposes. The connectors have integrated strain relief and lever locking to work in high vibration environments. The Single Wear Seal (SWS) system also ensures reliable and robust sealing for wires. The device is configurable, but not programmable.


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