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Interview: Swedish shopping center with CANopen-Lift control system

One of the biggest projects with a CANopen-Lift control system in Sweden is almost done. The interview by Jonas Tomasson (Safeline Group) with Roger Wickman (Hisselektronik) gives some more details.

In the Globen Shopping mall 29 lifts use CANopen Lift controllers (Source: Hisselektronik)

This article originally appeared in the September issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2019. This is just an excerpt.

In 2018, the Globen Shopping center just outside of central Stockholm decided it was time for a modernization of the nearly thirty years old lifts. With 29 elevators to be upgraded, it was important that the lift electronics were top quality and built to last a long time. With that in mind, the choice fell on Safeline as the provider of the lift electronics. Hisselektronik built the elevator. That meant all electronics, even the car interiors, were to be exchanged and the Thor CANopen-Lift controller from Safeline has been installed in all of the lifts.

Q: Why did the customer decide to go with a CANopen-Lift control system?

A: It is a very flexible system. From now on, they can choose any lift company they want for maintenance or repair jobs. The unique thing about Thor is the fact that it’s built to work with, not adapted, to CiA 417 on a Linux platform. Any CANopen-Lift product can be implemented and do the job. This means they are no longer obligated to buy from the constructor of the lift. From now on, they choose and pay market prices both for services and products. That of course means a bigger range of services and products as you are not limited to the constructor of the lift. This is more value for the customer.

If you want to continue reading this article, you can download the PDF of the Interview by Safeline with Hisselektronik. Or you download the full magazine. This is free-of-charge.


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