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Control of heating processes

Meusburger presented two products in the area of control systems. The T7 operating and display unit and the Thypo power controller. Communication is optionally via CANopen.

The Thypo multi loop power controller in action (Source: Meusburger)

The T7 offers an operating and display unit for the Systemp and Flexotemp controllers, as well as the MPI 02 and MPI 05 components. The Thypo power controller is a control unit for all industrial segments where precise switching of resistive loads is required, said the company.

The T7 comes with a 7-inch multitouch screen for parameterization and visualization of the various Meusburger controllers. Depending on the controller series, the T7 is connected to the devices via CAN or Ethernet. This means the operating and display unit can be positioned freely. Several controllers, even from different series, can be connected to a T7 at the same time and users have an overview at all times. The operating concept ensures a transparent display of process data in various display formats and on configuration parameters. Access to all functions and parameters is defined via the three-level user administration. The option to change languages makes the product suitable for worldwide use.

Control of heating elements

With Thypo, the company offers a modular multi loop power controller for switching and controlling heating elements and heating fields. The product can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Some examples include drying paints and coatings, and molding plastics and lightweight materials, as well as plastic welding and film extrusion. To install the control unit, users have to mount, connect the supply voltage and heaters, assign heating outputs, and off they go. With the three TP output modules in different power levels, the multi loop power controller can be adapted to different applications. A Thypo system can be made up of a maximum of 63 TP output modules. With up to 1512 outlets at 1,84 kW per outlet, it can control heating fields while needing very little space. With a maximum output of 7,6 kW per outlet, 567 outlets are available per system.

Communication with the controller is via CANopen, Profinet IO, or Modbus TCP/IP. Further interfaces such as Ethercat or Powerlink will soon be available so the product can be used with any make of controller. Detailed diagnostic functions provide support in case of errors in the heating process and help to solve the errors. With the help of the reaction-free current measurement it is possible, for example, to detect which heater is defective, whether a fuse has tripped or whether the mains voltage or frequency is outside the tolerance. In addition, current measurement to compensate for mains voltage fluctuations is integrated as standard. The diagnostic data is transferred via the interfaces to the central system control. Using the convenient web interface, access to the web browser is possible. The system can also be used as an output module for heaters in the Flexotemp controller series (PCU and PCU PNIO), as an alternative to use on a controller.


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