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Product family addition

Control unit with two CAN networks

Epec has released the Ec44 control unit. It comes with two CAN networks.

(Source: Epec)

The Epec product family now has a new member: the EC44 control unit. According to the company, the controller has a new housing and 46-pin Leavyseal connector with lever locking. The controller includes a 32-bit processor, two CAN networks, Codesys 3.5 programming, and 16 inputs and outputs. The EC44 is designed for various machine functions and IP69 protection class makes it possible to assembly product in demanding places and conditions.

Other features of the product are a 1024 kbit/s customer application, up to 1 Mbit/s internal SRAM, status RGB LED, and support of Epec Multitool and PLC libraries.

The control unit is available with the following product codes:

  • E30DEC44-022 (2 x CAN, 12 x PWM/DO high side current measurement, 4 x PWM/DO, 16 x input, 232 kbit/s internal SRAM, non-painted enclosure)
  • E30DEC44-020 (2 x CAN, 16 x PWM/DO high side current measurement, 16 x input, 1 Mbit/s internal SRAM, painted enclosure)


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