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Six CAN ports

Remote control unit for heavy-duty applications

Epec (Finland) released the Epec 6200 remote access unit (RAU) with six CAN ports. The company provides implementations for CANopen and J1939 within the PLCopen libraries.

The IP67-rated remote access unit is designed for use in harsh environments (Source: Epec)

All CAN interfaces support 11‑bit and 29‑bit CAN-Identifiers, as well as bit-rates from 50 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s. Transmitting of CAN remote frames is possible. For distances longer than 10 m, and applications with electromagnetic interference (EMI) restrictions, it is recommended to use shielded and twisted CAN bus cable.

The RAU provides connectivity for 4G/LTE, WLAN (wireless local area network), and GNSS (global navigation satellite system). Furthermore, the unit supports fallback to 2G/3G mobile telecommunication networks. The device is programmable with Codesys 3.5 and supports company’s Globe and Gate IoT services. A dual/quad core CPU (central programmable unit) with a graphics unit is supported. Three versions with up to 32‑GiB flash and a 1‑GiB DDR SRAM are available. Further interfaces include two Ethernet, USB 2.0, EIA‑232, and five I/O ports. Three LEDs can be programmed to indicate operation status.

The Finnish manufacturer also released the version 3.1 of the SC52 safety manual. It provides necessary implementation information for the SC52 safety control unit consisting of hardware, firmware, and software libraries (common and safety‑related). The company’s updated SDK (software development kit) 3.7 (see extranet) includes improvements in Codesys libraries. Support for the 6200 remote access unit (LTE version) and for EC44‑022 control unit has been added.


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