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ARM-based embedded computer series expanded

Versalogic added a model to its Swordtail product series of ARM‑based embedded computers. It comes with an ISO 11898‑2‑compliant CAN interface which supports the 29-bit identifier extended frame format.

The CAN network is ISO 11898‑2 compliant (Source: Versalogic)

Available with either the NXP i.MX6 Quad (quad core), or the i.MX6 Duallite (dual core) processors, the product includes on-board Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth, and a socket for plug‑in cellular radios. The latest model adds on-board eMMC storage functionality. At home in hostile environments, the 95 mm x 95 mm computer board is rated for operation at industrial temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C. The model includes soldered-down 8 GiB eMMC Flash as a bootable on-board storage medium. This is in addition to the micro‑SD socket included on all models in the series.

The boards are suitable for transmitting maintenance or diagnostic information without the need for a wired connection, said the company. Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth radios are included on board, and a Nimblelink Skywire socket supports a range of cellular and wireless plug-ins. The embedded computer boards are suitable for industrial, smart city, and transportation applications.

The devices feature soldered-on memory and a variety of I/O ports, including CAN, wireless interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet with network boot capability, USB 2.0, serial I/O (EIA-232), and I²C interface. In addition, MCOTS versions can accommodate up to 32 GiB of on-board flash storage. The product meets MIL‑STD‑202H specifications for impact and vibration. CAN cables are in the delivery included (2 mm 4‑pin to 2 mm 4‑pin Microclasp, 1 mm and 2 mm 4‑pin Microclasp to DB9 connector).

“Unlike ARM-based modules, Versalogic’s Swordtail is a complete board-level computer” said Len Crane, President of Versalogic. “It does not require additional carrier cards, compion boards, connector break-out boards, or other add-ons to function. It is a production-ready embedded computer.”