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7-VDC to 36-VDC power supply

Modular controller for fuel cells

Smart Testsolutions (Germany) expanded its CVM (cell voltage monitoring) product series by the Slim Master controller. It is optimized for use in fuel cell test benches or as a mobile diagnose module.

The controller is slimmer and more lightweight in comparison to the company’s Mastermodule (Source: Smart Testsolutions)

The controller extends the CAN-based data acquisition by data-analysis functions. It also enables transmission of the measured data via an Ethernet connection. Integrated software allows for data processing inside of the CVM system without to connect a PC. The controller is shipped with a real-time operation system including drivers for CAN and further interfaces. Also included is a web server to run the optional CVM App.

Commercially available off‑the‑shelf connectors and cables were used for the realization of the device. The CAN interface is performed via the 9‑pin Dsub-connector and is used for connection of the company’s Intelliprobe measuring modules. Via RJ45 it is possible to connect the controller to a LAN (local area network). For power supply (7 VDC to 36 VDC) the M8 connector is used. The device works at temperatures from -20 °C to +50 °C. No special IP‑protection class is supported, which mirrors in the price of the product.


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