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CAN controller for mobile machines

Wuerth Elektronik ICS introduced the ICCS 121P CAN and the ICCS 64P V2 CAN controllers, which offer two CAN interfaces respectively.

ICCS 121P CAN and the ICCS 64P V2 CAN controllers can be used as stand-alone modules or as a part of the CAN network (Source: Wuerth Elektronik ICS)

The ICCS (intelligent control and command systems) controllers support 11‑bit CAN‑identifiers and 29‑bit CAN‑identifiers. Bit‑rates from 20 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s with the default bit-rate of 125 kbit/s can be used. Both devices can act as CAN‑to‑CAN or CAN‑to‑LIN gateway and enable diverse filter functions. The units allow for transmission of sensor values to the CAN network and offer an interface between the switches and CAN. The devices implement the 16‑bit NXP HCS12XEQ processor with an integrated co-processor.

The ICCS 121P can be used e.g. for lighting system handling. It enables direct power supply of loads up to 2 A. Protected power splices with built‑in poly‑fuses are available. ICCS 64P V2 can perform logical functions or can be used as an I/O device. The module can drive loads of up to 2 A per output and has more than 30 inputs of different types. The controller can be connected to the printed circuit board and thus enables the control of the entire system, e.g. relay switching and monitoring of the fuse status via CAN.

Programming of the controllers is done with the ICCS SDK Plus software. The company offers support on the program creation. To create parameters or programs by the user, the software development kit can be borrowed for three months free of charge.


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