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Box PC

Industrial computer for TSN applications

Kontron offers the KBox A-230-LS computer platform with time sensitive networking (TSN) capability. The PC provides an optional CAN interface.

The KBox A-230-LS with an aluminum housing can be mounted on a DIN-rail (Source: Kontron)

The device is based on the NXP Dual (2 x 1,3 GHz) Cortex processor LS1028A. It is equipped with a Smarc module and provides five 1-GiB Ethernet ports, which meet IEEE 802.1 TSN specifications. Interfaces such as CAN, USB, EIA-232, and EIA-485 are available. Expansion via a mini PCIe socket (e.g. for mini SIM cards) is possible.

Integrated GPU (graphics processing unit) and LCD controller in the CPU (central processing unit) allow to use the PC in human machine interface (HMI) systems. The two ARM-v8 cores support real-time processing for industrial control, as well as virtual machines for edge computing in the IoT (Internet of Things). The computer supports Kontron’s Approtect security solution based on Wibu-Systems’ Codemeter software. As operating system Yocto Linux is available. The PC integrates no battery and no fan. It is dedicated for 24-VDC systems and can operate at temperatures from 0 °C to +60 °C.


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