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CAN FD in the processor of industrial PCs

Syslogic has announced industrial computers based on Intel Atom x6000E processors for early 2021. The company is planning embedded computers specifically designed for vehicle, IoT, and railroad applications.

(Source: Syslogic)

At the end of September, Intel Atom introduced the x6000E series (Elkhart Lake). The processor series succeeds the E3900 series (Apollo Lake) presented in 2016. The Intel series comes with 10-Nm technology.

Compared to its predecessor, the x6000E series provides up to twice the graphics performance depending on the version. According to Intel Atom, multi-thread performance (i.e. simultaneous use of all processor cores) is also said to have increased by up to 50 percent compared to its predecessor – despite maintaining similarly power consumption. Depending on the version, the processors work with two or four processor cores and support real-time applications with time-sensitive networking (TSN).

Up to 32 GiB memory with integrated Error Correcting Code (ECC) is available. Other features include integration of CAN FD in the processor. Secure Boot SGX is also supported. Intel also offers Functional Safety (Fusa) according to ISO-13849 requirements.

As a embedded computer supplier, Syslogic had the opportunity to integrate the processor generation into its carrier boards early on, they explain. The company manufactures its boards on its own assembly lines. The first prototypes of the carrier boards are already being tested. The company plans on presenting the x6000E-based embedded computers in the first quartal of 2021.

Michael Jung, the product manager in charge of the industrial computers, said: “We will launch a range of new products that will be suitable for areas such as mobile computing, rugged computing, and railways.” Like all Syslogic embedded systems, the new ones are designed for continuous operation under extreme conditions. According to Jung, versions for the expanded temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C are planned.

With the x6000E-based industrial computers, Syslogic will offer a hardware platform for future IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The goal is to provide existing customers with the product generation. Moreover, the company intends to further expand its market position, particularly in the mobile and rugged computing sector.


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