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Embedded CAN extension boards

Apdate has introduced a series of CANopen extension boards from Innodisk for CAN devices in industrial environments.

Extension boards by Innodisk (Source: Apdate)

The Innodisk CAN extension boards are a suitable solution for retrofitting industrial devices. The boards use regular interfaces such as USB or PCIe and connectors (9-pin Dsub). They are available in different form factors such as M.2 or mPCIe. The products are suitable for harsh environments with heavy exposure to dirt or extreme temperatures, explained the company. The boards can be installed in devices with limited space.

In addition to the extension boards, the company offers a software development kit with APIs (application programming interface), GUI (graphical user interface), and test utilities, programming templates and drivers for hardware and software integration. The company said, the range of CANopen extension boards is constantly being expanded and further developed by them and therefor offers an option for interface retrofitting.

CAN is widely used in the areas of automation (smart factory), medical, and automotive technology. With a minimum of cabling, CAN enables the connection of a number of devices to form a control network. From the variety of higher-layer CAN protocols, CANopen has established itself as one. Extension boards simplify the design of industrial automation devices with CANopen interfaces. This is particular important for low volume applications.