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Programmable logic controller

More RAM capacity than previous models and optional CAN

The X20CP0484-1 from B&R is an addition to the Compact-S series of PLCs (programmable logic controller). It provides 512 MiB of RAM and 2 GiB of internal flash memory which is more than twice the RAM capacity of previous models from the series.

The PLC provides an optional CAN interface (Source: B&R)

The PLC is suitable for applications with high requirements for memory and performance, said the company. The product comes with a width of 37,5 mm including the power supply. Regular communication options are Ethernet, Powerlink, USB, and EIA-232. There is also an optional CAN interface available. If the application requires additional interfaces, the CPU (central processing unit) can be modularly expanded by one or two X20 interface slots. This allows the entire product range of X20 fieldbus interfaces to be used. Some of these system modules for the CPUs come with an integrated CAN interface. With no fans or batteries, the PLC is also maintenance free, explained the company.

X20 I/O modules can be connected directly to the controller and line up seamlessly. The entire system saves space in the control cabinet. Even with its dimensions, the controller has a built-in power supply for itself and the connected I/O modules. There is no need for a separate power supply module.


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