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Servo controller with up to 70-A peak

Copley Controls announced the Nano servo controllers. With up to 70-A peak in an installation space of 35 mm x 30 mm x 23,4 mm, the series is ideal for applications in robotics, vehicles, or self-propelled transport and storage systems (AGVs).

The first version to be launched onto the market is the more cost-effective variant with digital signal processor (Source: Actronic Solutions)

There is a choice of two operating voltages for the servo controller: 9 VDC to 90 VDC with 10 ADC peak or 70 ADC peak; 20 VDC to 180 VDC goes up to 10 ADC peak or 30 ADC peak. The continuous current is half in each case. The control electronics can be supplied by an auxiliary voltage independent of the power side (keep-alive). All versions are equipped with STO (safe-torque-off) according to SIL 3, category 3, PL e (pending).

Parameterization is carried out with the CME2 software via the EIA-232 interface. Pulse/direction, PWM, analog (+/-10 V), commander encoder (electronic gear) and the serial bus interfaces CANopen or Ethercat are also available as command interfaces. In the "standard" version, the operating modes position, speed and torque, interpolated position, and home are supported. The "Plus" version additionally offers the operating modes cyclic synchronous position, speed, and torque (also with commutation angle). The regular version already supports various feedback options such as digital hall effect sensors, digital incremental encoders, and also absolute encoders with Biss-C (unidirectional) or SSI. Dual feedback is also possible. With the FPGA technology, the Nano Plus version will follow shortly, which will then enable further encoders (incremental sine encoder (1Vss) and Endat 2.2, Absolute A); the absolute encoders can also be read in here at the secondary encoder port.

For the Nano Plus version, Copley also offers its own programming language CPL, which combines features of Basic, C, and Java in an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) programming environment. A variety of motion control functions are available as well as a range of data types.

The servo controllers from Copley Controls are distributed in Germany by Actronic Solutions, based in Adelsdorf near Erlangen.


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